Audio Recording Repair & Restoration (Hourly Rate)
Armed with decades of experience and the latest in audio repair and restoration technology, we can...

  • pull hard-to-hear vocals and other sounds out of the background
  • remove unwanted background noise
  • remove electrical interference
  • remove or reduce unwanted reverberation
  • remove electrical hum and line noise
  • control the amount of ambient space
  • comply with international recording industry loudness standards
  • separate the tonal aspects of your audio from the noisy components
  • isolate and remove unwanted sounds
  • extrapolate from surrounding material and fill in missing audio segments
  • rebuild distorted audio
  • eliminate clicks, crackles, and pops
  • stretch or shrink your audio (without changing the pitch)
  • change the pitch of an entire song
  • correct the pitch of specific vocals or instruments
  • adjust sample rates, dithering, gain, EQ, and stereo/mono settings
  • add special effects to an entire audio file or specific voices/instruments
  • correct intonation and eliminate wrong notes
  • change the duration of individual notes
  • change the volume of individual notes or sounds
  • improve the phrasing of a song
  • reassemble your audio
  • change the tempo, harmony, timing, and groove of a song
  • combine phrases and notes, create harmonies that didn't previously exist
  • and much more!
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Audio Recording Repair & Restoration (Hourly Rate)

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